Jackie Dolpp

Studio 2BC

Expect bright beautiful painted or collaged florals, landscapes and Alcohol Ink paintings in my studio. I love to play and experiment.
Joyce Samuel

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 3A

I paint what I truly care about and the things I love that are all around me.
Nancy Garretson

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 5

Nancy Garretson's expertise is fiber arts & weaving. Be sure to stop by to see her latest creation.
Nancy Johnson

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 1

Creating delightfully colorful folk paintings, Nancy Johnson depicts ethnic pride and a loving look at black American culture.
Rita Nabors

Studio 2A

Rita Nabors: Rita Nabors has always had an interest in art, beginning with a high school painting class. For many years, a career as a graphic artist was enough to satisfy that interest, but when her ...
Sara Reese

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 4

Sara Reese creates unique clay pieces including whimsical animals, heavily textured tiles, sculptural vessels and her popular nativity sets. She invites folks to visit and take a peek at her current creations
Steven Reeves

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 3B

Portrait Artist Steven Reeves is a life fellow of The Portrait Institute and member of various regional art organizations