Sara Reese

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 4

Sara Reese creates unique clay pieces including whimsical animals, heavily textured tiles, sculptural vessels and her popular nativity sets. She invites folks to visit and take a peek at her current creations


"Your work is very different.” This is a comment I hear frequently from visitors to my studio. I’m always pleased to hear this. As I work with the clay I try to listen to my inner voice and go wherever it leads me - trying always to discover something new. Last “One of my first childhood memories is of sitting on the kitchen floor playing with a blue and white stoneware crock. I just loved the way it felt - smooth and mysterious - and it was so pretty.” Today that crock sits in my kitchen and I still enjoy it. I respect its simple elegant beauty and I love that it has lasted so long.” It’s probably over 100 years old. These are qualities that keep me intrigued with the medium of clay. I love that handmade pottery is strong and durable and I am drawn to elegant simple lines. The focus of my current work is figurative pieces, heavily textured tiles and sculptural vessels.