Rose Potter

Showcasing in the Members Gallery June 6 - July 20.


Rose was raised a large cattle ranch just outside of the small town of Osage Wyoming. She was drawn to the beautiful blue skies, as well as the wildflowers and gorgeous landscapes and wildlife. "It was probably the beauty of nature that first created my interest in art as I wanted to share with others, the wonders of the west as seen through my eyes."


My earliest art education began at Newcastle High school, where at one time I had aspirations of becoming an art teacher. While a student in high school, I became the first freshman in school history to be accepted to the state of Wyoming art competitions, which was a pretty big deal, for a young aspiring artist like myself. However, I became engaged and married soon after high school, and started a family, thus my dreams of becoming a “art Teacher” were put on hold as I raised two sons and a daughter.  Although two of children, well all three are quite talented artists in their own right, one became the “art teacher” I had always dreamed of becoming, the other a “graphic artist”.  But I was still bitten by the art bug. After retiring, I began painting again, as well as continuing my art education.  I studied art at Northeast State University, as well as Strafford Career Institute where I also received a degree in Floral Design. My favorite medium is water colors, but I also like to use pastels, oils, acrylics and ink, to capture the flowers as I attempt to capture their raw beauty.  I also do other images that attract my attention, but mostly flowers or landscapes. I have been really fortunate, my art work has been featured in Echoes and Images the Northeast State University annual Literary and Visual Arts magazine, twice, as well as     many honorable mentions from various art organizations. As a member of the Art Depot in Abingdon Va. I recently had several of my pictures displayed there. These days I spend my time as baby-sitter for my grandchildren, or relaxing at my home or going for drives and seeing the different mountain scenery from which to draw inspiration for my art.  As I grow older, my passion for art hasn’t diminished but grown stronger as I want to inspire my grandchildren to follow their dreams.