Ray Byram

Exhibiting in Member's Showcase Gallery 2.21.18 - 4.7.18

Serigraphs, Oils and watercolor ethings


Raymond M. Byram was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Indiana' University, graduating in 1976. Ray is the co-founder of the Indiana University Art Museum, which he accomplished while completing a museum internship. Presently Byram is a free-lance artist working in oils, watercolor and serigraph printmaking. He says “while most serigraphy is basically a stencil process, working directly on the screen, I work from the opposite premise by doing a painting first and then hand separation from it using a separate sheet of acetate for each color and red opaquing pen to duplicate every speck of the one color he is picking out.” Unlike most serigraphy, this gives the finished work a much stronger, painterly effect.


Ray Byram Under the Willow Serigraph web