Nick Freeman

Showing in the Member's Gallery January 3 - Feb. 17

Showing January 2018 in the Member's Gallery


Nick uses charcoal to capture the architecture of Abingdon and surrounding areas.


Nick credits his creative interests to his heritage.  Growing up in Tennessee, Nick learned from his parent and grandparents that everything in life could be creative, beautiful and handmade. Nick has a degree in fine arts from tennessee Technological University and has worked in pottery, clay, oil and pastels, but now works in charcoal, keeping mostly with black and white.  His subject matter ranges from urban landscapes to country settings and from figure studies and nudes to portraits and wildlife.  The charcoal nudes he draws are collected for their sensual qualities and their ability to capture the deep emotions of the subjects. "I like the idea of capturing a moment in time.  Shadows work well for this because they last only as long as the light lasts and then they change forever.  I continue to be fascinated by the power of light to transform emotions and feelings. " Nick has shown his work in shows from Virginia to Florida and his drawings hang in prestigious and less prestigious homes all over the Southeast.  Each drawing is an original piece and a one of a kind.  His work can be found in fine galleries and studios throughout the Southeast or purchased directly from the artist.   DSC01604