Kristina Morris

Showing Member's Gallery 9-30-15 to 11-21-15

Kristina Morris, Abingdon - Quilting, opens September 30 - November21st.


Kristina Morris of Abingdon made her very first quilt, a double-knit polyester Yo-Yo quilt while still in high school. After being “bitten by the handwork bug,” she crocheted and cross-stitched for years until she discovered true quilting 20 years ago. Kristina prefers to make quilts which show off bright fabrics and fabrics which sparkle. She machine pieces and machine quilts everything on a tabletop sewing machine. Over the past three years Kristina has learned the joy of” free-motion quilting” and revels in finding new patterns to incorporate into her work. Kristina is a charter member and past president of Wolf Hills Quilters and is a member of The Depot Artists Association and Holston Mountain Artisans.