Jackie Dolpp

Studio 2BC

Expect bright beautiful painted or collaged florals, landscapes and Alcohol Ink paintings in my studio. I love to play and experiment.


Jackie has been painting since she moved to Abingdon in 1974. From her earliest memories of crayons and construction paper to her recent use of watercolor and pastels, Jackie has been interested in art. She particularly enjoys the pure, intense colors of nature she has seen in her travels to California, Arizona, New England, Hawaii and Europe. She enjoys manipulating color, in spraying or painting with water then dropping pure water and watching the change and movement take place before her eyes. Her love of flowers and gardening also play a big part in her paintings. Jackie began as an artist by studying drawing at the Virginia Highlands Community College. She continues to take workshops in various mediums from artists all over the country. Jackie is particularly impressed by “their continual enthusiasm for their art’” which she finds “contagious”. Their influence shows in her recent paintings and keeps her work fresh, interesting and always evolving. An active volunteer and Board member of the Depot Artists Assoc., Jackie is also active in many other arts organizations. She has used her talents in fundraising for the arts and has taught several classes.