Helen Morgan

Arts Depot Resident Artist - Studio 3A

Helen Morgan creates artworks in weaving, jewelry-making and mixed media which includes digital images, wearable art, and traditional art forms.


As a very young child, I found contentment in spending hours with scissors, construction paper, stapler, tape and glue. With these simple resources, I fashioned items from holiday decorations, such as a 3-D Santa Claus and sleigh, to decorative handbags! My family’ purchase of the World Book opened up the world of painting to me. My father’s patience at meticulously caring for his stamp collection and my mother’s dabbling with oils during my early years no doubt shaped me with a personality to pursue handwork myself. "After college, finding myself looking for employment, I rediscovered my creative spirit in handcrafts. Soon this pursuit became the outlet for most of my energy. Trying a variety of media, I settled into weaving fabric for clothing. Mostly fascinated by weaving vibrantly colored yarns into functional, comfortable clothing. I devoted close to 20 years to this media. Rigors of adulthood forced me to take a sabbatical from these endeavors. "With the new millennium, I am looking toward a new beginning in working with my hands, I am excited about studying decorative arts of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods—perhaps regenerating my childhood fantasy for paper creations. Additionally, vivid image of early Celtic work are floating in my mind, which I have incorporated into my polymer clay jewelry. "In my spare time, I enjoy spring gardening, our two Boykin Spaniels, and knitting."