Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan creates artworks in weaving, jewelry-making and mixed media which includes digital images, wearable art, and traditional art forms.


In recent years my concentration has focused on fiber work. Weaving will always be my primary work in the studio. Most of what I’ve learned about art and craft has been self-taught. I did study for a short while in a Crafts Curriculum where I studied Ceramics, Design, and Metal Working. I have taken many classes and workshops of interest. Playing with the interaction of colors is a source of gratification, especially in my clothing and accessory lines, and more recently, interior items. The weaving process can be a therapeutic adventure in many areas, from initial ideas, calculating of yardage requirements, to meticulously threading the yarn through the reed and harnesses on the loom, to the actual weaving process. Even after decades of working in this area, errors can still occur. Challenges, whether deliberate or accidental, never go away. The rhythm of “throwing” the shuttle is by far the most rewarding part…to see the fabric emerge from strands of yarn! Knitting is my other yarn obsession—although not as interesting for visitors to see. Most of the knitted items in the studio have been made from wool and gone through a felting process. This creates a dense, bonded material used for various accessories and soft sculptures. When you visit my studio, I want you to enjoy the bursts of color and have a laugh at my ever-popular felted hedgehogs and other creatures. You will also find some “wall” pieces often combining fiber with mixed media. Much of this work is representative of fond vacations, or dreams yet to be fulfilled.


Helen Morgan, Member Artist of the Arts Depot, she has some of her creations on consignment at the Arts Depot, after retiring from her Studio in June of 2019.   Below you can see what she has created while in her studio prior to her retirement.  Can contact us to purchase items from Helen.