Doreen Read


Doreen Read was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in an area known as the “Back of the Yards.” She had a successful stained glass business for 30 years, Sean’s Rainbow, named after her son. Her business cards included the line “I do windows.” After all, Doreen did specialize in custom windows including two stand-alone pieces she made for the Fellowship Hall at Faith Lutheran Church in Lake Forest, IL. Five years ago Doreen was diagnosed with a neuralgic disorder which limited her fine motor skills. It was her search to find a new medium to express her artistic side which led her to Pebeo Fantasy. Pebeo Fantasy can be used on glass, metal and canvas. It is not oil, acrylic or watercolor and the manufacturer, located in France, will not release the formula. Doreen says that the beauty of working with this unique medium is that it “flows differently each time, no two painting styles are alike.” Her technique tends to take on a honeycombed or marbleized, abstract shape with a glossy, glass-like surface.