Carol Murray

Member's Showcase Gallery 1.4.17 - 2.25.17


I have heard it said that we should paint what we know, and I have taken this advice. Living in the country, I am never at a loss for things to paint. The mountains and surrounding nature are a continuous source of inspiration for me. I have sketched and painted since I can remember, and am happiest with a brush or pencil in my hand. I enjoy painting just about anything and everything, and like using most mediums, but because of its serendipitous qualities, my favorite is watercolor (including acrylics). I was born in the coal mining area of Kentucky, and have lived most of my life here in Southwest Virginia. I guess that is why I love the mountains and the people here and love to paint the things I am blessed enough to see each day. My home now is in Marion, VA with my husband, Willard. Painting is such a joy to me and I am fortunate and blessed to get to do what I love so much to do.