SPRING/SUMMER 2018 CLASSES:                     

 All classes have a minimum of 5 students, unless otherwise specified.   maximum of 12 call 276-628-9091 to reserve your spot    

Clay  Bunnies

Instructor: Sara Reese

Date:                Saturday, March 17

Time:               11:00 AM – 12 noon,

Location:        Studio # 4 – Arts Depot

Ages:                7 and up

Class size:    Minimum-5; Maximum-9

Cost:             $15.00 per student, per child payable to instructor -includes all materials.

Description: Students will create charming and unique  bunnies using clay just in time for Spring. Wear old clothes or bring a “cover-up shirt”.

Registration Deadline. Note that these classes fill up very quickly and students are  encouraged to register early.

Call 276-628-9091 to register


Cost: $150.00 Minimum of 10 students Maximum 20                                                      Pre-registration required $100 by 4/7/18  Call 276-628-9091 to sign up

Workshop Description:  Loosen up your style and paint expressive landscapes.  Learn the craft of creating a painting by focusing on overall design, appropriate lighting, material selection and placement.  Further enhance your work by paying attention to composition, values, temperature and paint quality.  We will cover composition, color, warms and cools, edges and the use of expressive brush stokes to give life and energy to your painting.  The atmosphere will be informal and friendly so come and enjoy your time painting still life.  Students will work on techniques the first day and will begin laying out their painting the second half of the day.  On Sunday Susan will lead with a demo and students will work on completing their painting.  Each student will work from the same photograph to create a finished piece. Please bring extra photographs of your choosing to work on a second canvas to further exercise your new skills as time allows.

About the Instructor:  Susan had a juried Spotlight Gallery show at the Arts Depot in 2017.  Susan graduated from Radford University with a BA in Graphic Arts as well as a minor in French.  Later in life, she discovered a love for portraiture and went on to take classes from many well-known instructors such as Daniel Greene, Paul McCormack, Vera Dickerson, Lee Boynton and Debbie Gualco.  She has illustrated several published books and is in the process of illustrating others.   E D U C A T I ON: Graduated from Radford University in 1986 with a BA, specializing in    Graphic Arts Virginia Western – Sculpture, 1987, Chichi Davis Betty Branch – Sculpture, 1987  Virginia Western – Acrylic painting, 1987, David Smith Daniel Greene – Pastel workshop, 1995 (approximate date) Studio School – Vera Dickerson,  2011-2014 Paul McCormick – Art of the Carolinas, 2013 Pat Cook – Workshop in Acrylic Painting Virginia Western – Communication Design

Materials List:

3 canvases (may bring more if feeling inspired) at least 12X16 or larger, gessoed with at least two layers of gesso   1 mixed media pad 11X14 or larger for technique practice.  Thicker/heavier paper is good for practicing technique GOLDEN medium in Heavy gel gloss.  THIS IS KEY ! #2 drawing pencils, eraser.  A variety of brushes – flats, rounds – the watercolor or acrylic bruses will do.  I buy the cheaper craft variety in the multipack at Michael’s  “Craft Smart” oval and flat variety pack.  These are softer and have more spring to them, and do not feel bad if they get ruined.  Water Spray Bottle, Scraping tool (old credit cards, or any type of plastic card will do) Palette, Paper towels, water container, brush cleaner (soaps, special cleaners you may use) sponge for teture (optional)                                                                                               Paints:  White, Black, GOLDEN transparent Red Iron Oxide (You may need to get on-line)  GOLDEN  transparent Green/Gold,   GOLDEN Transparent yellow iron oxide, Aqua Green Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow, Windsor Violet, Light Blue Violet, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, also feel free to bring paint that you enjoy

Joyce Samuel Alcohol Ink Class,  Saturday May 12, 11 – 3 pm

Cost $55 payable to the instructor  call 276-628-9091 to hold your spot, space is limited!

Youth to Adults will enjoy a fun day using vibrant Alcohol Inks to create one of a kind pictures.  No experience necessary!

 Materials:  Yupo Paper, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Spray Bottle, Paper Towels, Assortment of Alcohol Inks – Pinata or Adirondack (about 5 colors of your choice), plus Pinata Gold.  Instructor will have some Alcohol Inks you can purchase, and additional Yupo paper.

About the Instructor:  Joyce Samuel is a Resident Artists at the Arts Depot, click on the “Resident Artists” tab to view more information on her

Adelaide Moss “Learn to Paint from Your Child” 3 Tuesday’s, June 19, June 26 and July 10th

Cost $20 per class or $50 for all three with a small material fee payable to the instructor 

Maximum 10 adult/child pairs

Picasso said “it took all his life to paint like a child”.  Come explore the possiblities when you take cues from your child/grandchild to create art.  Each class will be a different approach, painting, collage, stenciling are a few items children will explore.  The adult artists will help their child, and also simultaneously create their own work inspired by the children’s work.


   Greg Howser Citra Solve Collage workshop, Saturday June 23, 10 – 4 pm 

   Cost:  $50 payable to the instructor

Artists always have used solvents to create and change images for collages, drawings, and painting. Citra Solv is an exciting was to create collage papers. The papers can look like marbled paper to alcohol ink. It is amazing how no two pages look the same.
During the first part of the workshop, I will demonstrate how to create the citra solv papers. Then you will be creating your own. After lunch, I will show you some things I have done with my citra solv papers and help you create your art project using yours papers.
Materials needed:
• National Geographic magazines – I prefer issues from after the year 2000. The highly pigmented ink, printed on the clay coated pages, make this magazine uniquely suited for this process.
• Citra Solv 16 oz• Matte Medium or Mod podges• Brushes• Q-tips• Art materials to work on your papers with such as pencils, colored pencils, acrylic paint, oil paint, etc. It up to you what other art materials you use.• A canvas or wooden panel to create art on (up to you what size you want to work on). You might want to bring in several small panels like 5 by 7 inches or a bigger 16 by 20 inches• Scissors• Ruler

• Spray bottle, although you can simply hold a finger over the opening and “shake” the Citra Solv onto the page.
• rubber gloves – this is messy business!
• Cotton swabs, rags or paper towels, stencils – depending on the special effects you choose to do.
• Hair dryer

Greg Howser Art 101 Saturday, June 30th , 10am  – 4 pm      Cost:  $50, payable to the instructor Ages 12 and up

Ever wonder what to do with that canvas, water color paper, which brush to use, what in the world is “gel medium”?  All those questions and more will be answered in this one day class.  So much information you cannot get it from one YouTube.  Bring a heavy weight paper for practice, a canvas panel, paints of your choice, brush set and the “golden” gel 6 sampler set you can find on line for 22$.

Vera Dickerson Workshop “Create an Icon”  Saturday/Sunday August 25 & 26th 9:00 – 4:00 pm

Cost: $235 members, $250 non-members, plus $10 materials fee  Ages 14 and upGrandmother's Tea Cups-Dickerson

Choose a favorite pet, animal or object and lift it to a place of glory. Students will work on a wooden panel, sometimes available on the cheap from Habitat Restore shops ( kitchen cabinet doors) and always at art and craft supply shops.
Work small. around 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 unless your cabinet door is larger.

Vera will provide some texturing materials as part of the supply fee. She will also bring some metallics for enhancing your subject.
Students  will create an interesting surface and visual frame, then place their icon subject in that space. Have photo reference and acrylic paints and drawing materials, acrylic gel for this second stage.